Do I need to rake leaves? Absolutely!

This is a beautiful time of the year – as long as the leaves remain on the trees, that is. Once those leaves fall, they can cause a fair amount of damage to the health of your lawn. Left in place, fallen leaves can also present other hazards. Removing the leaves is a lot of work, though, and it could even cause injuries. Here are the three top reasons you need leaf removal from a landscape management company in Arkansas.

3 Reasons You Need to Remove Fallen Leaves

1. Leaves can kill grass

Leaves can choke out grass, especially if you allow thick layers of leaves to remain on your lawn for more than a few days. Grass needs light, water, and nutrients to survive, and fallen leaves can prevent grass from getting these basic necessities. You’ll see the consequences of a smothered lawn next year in the form of bald patches, thinned grass, and muddy spots. You might even see crabgrass or other unwanted weeds where the grass has died.

If you don’t remove the leaves this year, your lawn can pay the ultimate price next year. Let the leaves sit on your lawn long enough, and you might spend the entire summer planting grass seed and watering. Reseeding, fertilizing, and watering your lawn yourself can be expensive, backbreaking work.

2. Leaves can promote mold

Fallen leaves can also promote the growth of mold that loves the dark, dank conditions a canopy of leaves can create. In addition to damaging grass, exposure to these molds can trigger allergic reactions in some people, and coughing, wheezing, and eye, nose, or throat irritation in others. When breathed in, mold spores can even be toxic.

3. Wet leaves are slippery and pose a risk for accidents

Leaves can make walkways slippery, which poses a hazard any time you, your family, or visitors use your sidewalk. Fallen leaves can also hide other slip risks in your path, such as rocks, holes, lawn tools, toys, and more. Blowing leaves can also obscure visibility on windy days.

Hire a Landscape Management Professional

Let’s face it - removing leaves requires a lot of back-breaking and time-consuming work. All that raking, blowing, bagging, or burning can eat up your valuable time. It can also be harmful to your health - raking involves repetitive motions coupled with bending, twisting, reaching, lifting, and carrying that can lead to strains, sprains, or muscle aches. These injuries can cause pain and stiffness in your arms, shoulders, and neck.

Please don’t get injured - or waste your time and energy - on removing leaves: hire a leaf removal service instead. Contact the landscape management professionals at Olive Branch to do the job for you. Our team of landscape professionals in Arkansas knows how to remove leaves quickly before they destroy your lawn or make pathways slippery.