Mulch.  I’m sure this is a word you’ve heard in a conversation with a gardener, read about in a gardening book, or even talked about and said, “I really don't think I need that.”  

I get it. You’re probably thinking, “Great, one more thing my landscaper is trying to sell me.”

Maybe you’re not even sure what mulch is!  

Let me help.

Mulch is any material that is spread or laid over the surface of the soil as a covering.  It can be organic or inorganic.  

Mulch has a lot of benefits for a garden or landscape.  Here are our top 4:

1. Healthier Trees

When you mulch around your newly planted trees,  you prevent soil compaction and reduce lawn mower damage.  Mulch is also going to kick the weeds to the curb!    

2. Reduces Water Usage

Mulch aids soil in retaining moisture! Better yet, it shields the soil from the sun, and prevents evaporation! It also reduces water run-off during rain or watering. This reduces the amount of water needed and saves you money.

3. Keeps Plants Cozy

Mulch is a great insulator and keeps soil and seedings at an optimal temperature.   It’s also the best way to keep plant roots cool in summer and warm in winter. When your plants are cozy, they’re less stressed, and grow stronger and healthier, kind of like us!

4. Adds Organic Matter

You have to have organic matter in your soil for your plants and trees to flourish. Organic matter makes your plants healthier and prevents disease and pest infestation!

Wanting to add mulch to your to-do list for your garden this spring?  Call us, today, to get a free quote for our mulching services, or to learn about one of our other offered services!