Growing season has begun! Are you ready to start mowing? And mowing? And mowing? In the summer, mowing can seem like a never ending chore. If you are like me, you have probably skipped on that chore once or twice. But unlike other chores, this is one that you can't skip without someone noticing! Outside of the social embarrassment, there are a few other reasons you should keep your lawn mowed and maintained.

1. Healthy Lawn

Did you know a well manicured lawn is a healthy lawn? It's true! In order to maintain its health, it needs to be trimmed regularly during growing season. As grass grows longer in the heat of the summer, the ends can start to dry out and become damages, which hinders healthy growth.

2. Beautiful Lawn

Trimming your lawn keeps the dead, brown ends removed, which encourages new growth and keeps your yard looking nice and green. If you don't trim it, it can start to look dead or look more like weeds than like grass.

3. Thick Lawn

Trimming your lawn regularly also encourages the grass to grow thicker, which makes your lawn appear to be more lush. This is helpful for those barefoot walks to the mailbox or for those little feet running through the sprinklers. A thick lawn also reduces soil erosion, as it keeps dirt in place.

We take pride in creating beautiful, well maintained lawns. If this isn't something you have time for or if it is just something you would like to take off your list of responsibilities, give us a call at 501-513-7576. We would love to help you create and maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn during the growing season.