Tree planting season is here, folks! Did you know it is best to plant most types of trees in

cooler months? We have already begun many tree planting projects for the year, but it is not too late to start! Why should you consider planting more trees in your yard? Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. For Privacy. Trees can be used as a natural barrier between your property and your neighboring properties. Fences can be expensive and can ruin the look of your property. Trees offer a solution that is both natural and effective.
  2. For Shade. Did you know that more trees can mean lower energy costs? It’s true! The less direct sunlight you have on your home, the easier it is for your cooling system to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. Trees can help block the harsh sunlight that heats up your space and eats away at your utility budget. The same is true in the winter months. As trees act as a natural barrier for cold winds, they provide protection for your home, which helps maintain heat much like insulation.
  3. For the Environment. We all know that trees are good for the environment. They serve as natural cleaners for the air as they reduce the carbon dioxide and increase oxygen levels. There are many ways that we harm the environment through our everyday lives, but planting trees is one way we can help reduce the negative impact we have on the overall health of our planet.

If you are interested in adding a few trees to your landscape design, give us a call at (501) 513-7573. We will give you a free quote and help you decide which kind of trees are right for your space.