Irrigation Installation

There is nothing better than a lush, green lawn. With our extreme temperature here in Central Arkansas, lush lawns do not usually happen without some assistance. Olive Branch will design and install a full irrigation system that is custom to your needs. We will take into consideration the size of your yard, its shape, and the surrounding landscape. Our high-quality irrigation systems will ensure that every inch of your lawn is hydrated thoroughly and evenly.

Irrigation Maintenance

Once you have an irrigation system in place, we would be happy to take care of any maintenance that may be required. This would include diagnosing and fixing any issues that could arise, winterizing your system, and then getting your system ready for use each Spring. If cared for properly, your system can be a long-lasting benefit to your lawn.

Drainage Solutions

Water is essential to the health and look of your lawn. However, an abundance of water can be harmful and even destructive to your lawn and landscaping. This can be a very frustrating and costly problem. Being proactive to protect your lawn from an abundance of water can save both time and money. We offer a variety of drainage solutions to ensure that water does not build up in any one area of your lawn.  

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