• Jeremy King

Winterize Now!

Summer is over, Halloween decorations have come down, and Christmas decor is already up! What’s next? What can be done to keep your home exterior looking festive and attractive throughout the rest of the fall and winter months? There are a few simple things that can be done to maintain and even liven up your landscape. Consider these tips to brighten up any drab, wintery home exterior.

1. Hardscaping

Those who find it hard to keep their green thumb going during the harsh winter months often rely on hardscaping landscape designs, and this is an excellent option for seasonal Arkansas landscaping. During the winter, a rock garden can also do double duty by assuming the role of a frog pond during hotter months. Also, hardscaping features can always be redesigned for springtime.

2. Evergreens

It may be cold and dry outside, but your Arkansas landscaping can still look green and lush if you choose the right plants. Winterscaping with spruce, birch, and other evergreens is a superb way of bringing lively color to your home’s exterior. Evergreens come in many green and yellow shades, and they stay that way even when all other trees have lost their leaves completely. They give your landscape a touch of freshness throughout the year.

American cranberry or holly bushes are another great evergreen option. Lined along paths and walkways, they keep your landscape looking stunning all year long.

3. Perennial Tall Grass

Perennial tall grasses and similar plants are great because they provide beautiful winter foliage, making them an excellent choice for keeping your yard looking lush during the wintertime. You can leave their foliage in place all through the cold months, until spring, when you can cut them back. Just be sure to leave about a third of each plant because trimming too harshly can kill them. Clump-forming grasses also grow nicely and mix well with other perennials. They’re not invasive of other plants because they grow slowly.

4. Outdoor Lighting

Your beautiful landscape deserves to be seen and admired, even when the sun goes down. Professionally installed outdoor lighting adds to curb appeal, highlighting your most attractive landscaping features. Getting rid of shadowy areas around your home is not only a robber’s nightmare, but it also creates a beautiful wintertime ambiance, especially with areas with light snowfall. With the right lighting, your house could look like it came out of a Hallmark Christmas Movie.

5. Planning for Springtime

Winter is a perfect time to plan and prepare the landscaping for your yard’s summertime look. Pruning fruit trees or rose bushes, for example, can be done during this time of year. Just make sure to consult specialists about the optimal length of each trimming. Raking the lawn during the wintertime is useful for reseeding the soil. In fact, raking your soil actually helps seeds come out of dormancy, often without the help of additional watering. So it’s a perfect lawn treatment during the winter. Remember, waiting until spring isn’t always necessary, or even the best time for planting and planning. Much can be done during the cold months of the year to prepare your landscaping, so it looks beautiful the moment spring has sprung.

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